HVOF coating process

The process behind surface treatment is simple and involves very few process steps – the workpiece is cleaned and then heated metal powder is sprayed on at extremely high velocity.

We have specialised in the HVOF (High Velocity Oxygen Fuel) spraying process.

The unique characteristics of the HVOF process are:
  • Extremely high flame speed of up to 1500 m/s due to incineration of process gases
  • Flame temperature of 2800°C
  • Workpiece temperatures of less than 100°C
The flame temperature 'softens' the powder particles and the high speed allows a very dense coating to be achieved, which has optimal adhesion to the workpiece, almost irrespective of the underlying material.

The unique flame speed means that the workpiece temperature can be kept below 100°C. This is another advantage of the HVOF process, as it avoids structural changes to the surface of the base material.

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