• Surface treatment

    Surface treatment

    Surface treatment using thermal spraying is used for a range of applications – Everything from pumps and motor components to machine and tool parts, shafts, bearings and seals...

    These are typically applications with stringent wear and corrosion resistance requirements.

Surface treatment extends lifetime...

Sintex sprays metal powder onto workpieces with stringent wear and corrosion resistance requirements. This form of coating is called thermal spraying, and serves as a component surface treatment which makes no structural changes to the component itself.
Thermal spraying

Thermal spraying

Thermal spraying is a process whereby heated metal powder is applied by spraying within the desired applications.It is used for pump and motor components, shafts, bearings, seals, machine and tool parts, measuring tools, measuring fixtures, valves, pistons, guideways, wearing bands, etc. There are countless possibilities.

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Extend the lifetime of your components and save money using surface treatment

Hear our Key Account Manager, Rikke Højen, and Production Director, Rico Juul Amstrup, talk about the process and its advantages and opportunities.

Advantages of Sintex surface treatment...

  • Significantly longer lifetime due to the extreme hardness of the coating

  • Good wear characteristics

  • Good corrosion resistance

  • Adjustable friction coefficient

  • No structural changes in the basic material

  • Cost savings

Surface treatment can be combined with our powder metallurgy technologies...

HVOF coating process

HVOF coating process

The process behind surface treatment is simple and involves very few process steps – the workpiece is cleaned and then heated metal powder is sprayed on at extremely high velocity.

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Thermal coatings

Thermal coatings

In principle, it is possible to coat all types of metals with an extensive range of metals and carbides using the HVOF process – e.g. tungsten carbides, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, etc. However, the process is particularly well-suited to carbide coatings.

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Customer case

Customer case

A wind turbine manufacture wanted lower friction in order to improve the join in their solutions. The desire for lower friction was fulfilled using surface treatment from Sintex...

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