Sintex® Magnetic Systems

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Magnetic couplings

Maintenance-free and energy saving magnetic couplings...

Sintex a/s specialises in magnetic couplings that offer a number of advantages – compared to mechanical solutions, as well as other magnetic couplings.

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100% customized. Therefore incomparable.

Magnetic gears

Magnetic power transmission...

Sintex magnetic gears are an innovative development project designed to transfer power in challenging applications.

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100% customized. Therefore incomparable.

IP Magnets

Patented innovative magnet type...

IP magnets are an innovative encapsulated magnet type that offers new possibilities for combining different materials and material savings.

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100% customized. Therefore incomparable.

Halbach array

Alternative magnetising for magnets...

Sintex' Halbach array is used to magnetise magnets in the production process. 

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100% customized. Therefore incomparable.

Rethinking Components of Tomorrow

Is it time to rethink the production processes and component design in your industry?

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Motor & Pump

Motors & pumps

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Food Industry

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