Powder metallurgy process

The powder metallurgy process is simple. It consists of just a few process steps and holds advantages for a wide range of materials. 
  • Step 1: Powder is mixed with lubricant
  • Step 2: Powder is pressed into a defined geometry
  • Step 3: Components are sintered
  • Step 4: Any required finishing

Sintering takes place in a controlled atmosphere in high-technology sintering furnaces at high temperatures. During the sintering process, the powder particles bind together via an atomic diffusion process, giving the component its final form and strength, as well as the high corrosion resistance that characterises Sintex. It is then possible to finish the components in various ways.

Please note that we have extensive experience with calibration, and can ensure component tolerances down to just a few microns. We can also offer services such as deburring, machining and impregnation.

Rethinking Components of Tomorrow

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