Powder metallurgy fulfils high requirements

Powder metallurgy fulfils high requirements

Automotive customer has strict material and quality requirements fulfilled using a Sintex powder metallurgy solution matched to their specific needs.

The stainless steel sintering process is a proven and frequently utilised process within the automotive industry. Our automobile customer was not in any doubt about the choice of the process, but the reason for choosing Sintex as a business partner was that we could meet extra material and quality requirements. Our technology partner needed extra corrosion resistance – without, of course, higher costs. We solved this requirement through a combination of new material, sparring and proposals for design enhancements such that the higher material price could be offset through savings in terms of material quantities.

Furthermore, we offered a fully automatic line in order to optimise large volumes and maintain focus on high, uniform quality. This resulted in a very low PPM.

Sintex has worked together this automobile customer since 2000, and this collaboration has extended to four different versions of servo brakes. They are particularly common in energy-efficient hybrid vehicles.

The advantage of the brake system is that it is only used when needed. The system is thus energy-efficient in relation to other solutions in which the system is running at all times. At Sintex we are proud of being able to make a difference in our cars – regardless of whether the brake system ends up in a Volkswagen, DaimlerChrysler, Ford, Peugeot, Citroen or other makes.
 Powder metallurgy fulfils high requirements  Powder metallurgy fulfils high requirements  Powder metallurgy fulfils high requirements

How has our automobile partner benefitted from collaboration?

  • Improved corrosion resistance
  • Optimised design
  • Material savings
  • Fully automatic line – high volume
  • Boost to quality – lower PPM

... und vor allem die Zusammenarbeit mit einem Technologiepartner, der auf eine kontinuierliche Verbes-serung ausgerichtet ist!

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