• Sintered stainless steel

    Sintered stainless steel

    Rethink your stainless steel components in terms of powder metal and discover the infinite opportunities.

    Powder metallurgy is a simple process and a recognised green technology which is used in a variety of applications and industries.

Sintered metal - Powder metal

Sintex develops and manufactures sintered metal components – also called powder metal or powder metallurgy. Stainless steel is our core expertise – both traditional sintered stainless steel components and sintered stainless steel filters.

We are global experts in corrosion resistance, but offer several grades, materials and processes. These can be completely sealed components, components with improved strength or something else altogether.

Why sintered metal?

Why sintered metal?

When and why is it an advantage to choose sintering technology? This is a complex question to answer, but we will attempt to provide some general guidelines.

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Minimise your risk – rethink your components using sintered metal.

Draw inspiration from our Development & Innovation Manager, Peter Kjeldsteen, who talks about the opportunities, materials, processes, grades etc. in this video.

Advantages of Sintex powdered metal...

  • A simple process with fine tolerances

  • High-density

  • 100% sealed components

  • High strength and ductility

  • High corrosion resistance

  • Good welding characteristics

Our dedicated employees think outside the box and create value for our customers.

Powder metallurgy process

Powder metallurgy process

The powder metallurgy process is simple. It consists of just a few process steps and holds advantages for a wide range of materials.

Sintex are global experts in stainless steel materials.

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Sintered metal filters

Sintered metal filters

Sintering technology is also ideal for the development and manufacture of filters. The process is the same as with traditionally sintered components, but the variation of pore size and carefully controlled pore distribution are utilised to produce components with a filtering function.

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Technical data

Technical data

Sintering technology is well-suited to a huge range of different materials. At Sintex we are specialists in working with sintered stainless steel, and can offer development and manufacture of customised products.

View our technical data sheets for sintered steel here.

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Customer case

Customer case

Powder metallurgy fulfils high non-corrosion requirement...

Automotive customer has strict material and quality requirements fulfilled using a Sintex powder metallurgy solution matched to their specific needs.

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Rethinking Components of Tomorrow

Is it time to rethink the production processes and component design in your industry?

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