Sintex® Permanent Magnets

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Sintex® Permanent Magnets

Permanent magnets to suit all needs...

Sintex a/s supplies both sintered and polymer-bonded permanent magnets.

Show Details Sintex® Permanent Magnets
Br Typ.
Work. Temp.
(BH) max. Typ.

Polymer-bonded neodymium magnets (NdFeB)

Neodymium magnets made to order...

Sintex a/s produces polymer-bonded neodymium magnets. 

Show Details Polymer-bonded neodymium magnets (NdFeB)
0.577 - 0.760
510 - 1230
-40 - 140
49.2 - 73.4

Sintered neodymium magnets (NdFeB)

Powerful neodymium magnets....

Sintex a/s sources sintered neodymium magnets.

Show Details Sintered neodymium magnets (NdFeB)
1020 - 1480
876 - 2786
-100 - 240
199 - 414

Samarium cobalt magnets (SmCo)

Magnets for extreme application temperatures...

Sintex a/s sources samarium cobalt magnets.

Show Details Samarium cobalt magnets (SmCo)
0.810 - 1.065
1194 - 1600
-100 - 350
130 - 223

Ferrite magnets (SrFe)

Magnets for high application temperatures...

Sintex a/s sources ferrite magnets.

Show Details Ferrite magnets (SrFe)
0.235 - 0.430
140 - 310
-40 - 250
9.5 - 35

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