Sintex® Metal Injection Moulding

On this page you can search through our technical data on the basis of product area and/or features.
The technical datasheets are only available in English.

In addition to technical characteristics, the technical data sheets for MIM contain information on MIM granulate and the associated advantages and disadvantages. There are thus various granulates under each MIM material that result in various properties.

We divide granulates into 3 types – Pre-alloy, Master-alloy and Engineering-alloy – see their advantages and disadvantages in the data sheets.

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Exceptional combination of mechanical strength and corrosion resistance...

STX 17-4 PH MIM is a martensitic dispersion strengthened stainless steel material that allows stainless steel components with extra high mechanical properties to be designed.

Show Details STX 17-4PH MIM
650 - 750

≥ 950
800 - 950

≥ 1100
≥ 6

≥ 4
≥ 320

≥ 370


High corrosion resistance for aggressive environments...

STX 316L MIM is an austenitic stainless steel alloy that is often used in aggressive environments, as it is one of the best stainless steel alloys available with MIM technology.

Show Details STX 316L MIM
150 - 200
450 - 510
≥ 50
≥ 120


Tool steel for complex geometries...

STX M2 MIM is a high-speed steel with amazing wear properties due to its hardness. MIM technology makes it possible to completely avoid the need for finishing.

Show Details STX M2 MIM
≥ 800

≥ 800
≥ 1200

≥ 1200
≥ 1

≥ 1
≥ 520

≥ 820

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