MIM guidelines and design rules

Basic guidelines can help in the evaluation of whether a component is suited to the MIM process, and assist in the initial analysis phase regarding tool design and injection moulding. 

The basic guidelines are:
  • Weight of 0.1-250 g
  • Tolerances +/- 0.5% of the nominal value
  • Geometry – consider the design in relation to how the component can be positioned during sintering

Both smaller and larger components have been manufactured and tolerances have been lower, but these have been outside the 'comfort zone' for the process.

The design rules are illustrated and described below:

Problematic solution Optimized solution
  - Wall thickness of 0.2 - 6.0 mm - remember that hollowing out can save material
 MIM Core out before  MIM Core out after
  - Homogenous wall thickness
 MIM Wall thickness before  MIM Wall thickness after
  - Avoid sharp corners (problematic for granulate inflow)
 MIM Sharp edges 1  MIM Sharp edges 2
  - Minimise overhangs
 MIM Overhang before  MIM Overhang after

Rethinking Components of Tomorrow

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