• Metal Injection Moulding

    Metal Injection Moulding

    Metal Injection Moulding – MIM – offers the strength of metal with the geometric possibilities of plastic. An MIM component can replace a plastic component, or possibly 2-4 metal subcomponents made using other metalworking processes.

MIM - Metal Injection Moulding

Metal Injection Moulding – MIM – combines the material properties of powder metallurgy with the design possibilities of plastic injection moulding. In a nutshell – it allows you to get a plastic component made of metal!

The process offers amazing design possibilities and freedom previously unseen for metal components. Feel free to read on, but the opportunities are best illustrated by holding a component in your hand – so call and arrange a meeting with us.

MIM process

MIM process

The MIM process involves just a few steps: Mixing the feedstock, Moulding, Debinding and Sintering.

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Rethink your complex components – consider MIM

Hear Poul Verner Søgaard, Senior Process Specialist, explain the process, opportunities and complexity.

Benefits of Metal Injection Moulding by Sintex...

  • High complexity possible (same possibilities as exist for plastic)

  • The mechanical properties of metal

  • World-class corrosion resistance

  • Few process steps without post-processing

  • Surface finishes

  • Fully automated production

Our dedicated employees think outside the box and create value using MIM technology.

MIM guidelines and design rules

MIM guidelines and design rules

Basic guidelines can help in the evaluation of whether a component is suited to the MIM process, and assist in the initial analysis phase regarding tool design and injection moulding.

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MIM versus PM

MIM versus PM

The question of when MIM represents a viable option compared to the traditional powder metal technology is a complex one, but there are a number of factors that can be taken into account.

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Technical data

Technical data

MIM components can be manufactured in all types of steel: low alloy, soft magnetic, stainless steel and special materials such as tool steel.

At Sintex we are specialists in MIM in stainless steel materials and tool steel. Testing is carried out, however, on a number of materials, and you are therefore always welcome to contact our specialists in the area.

See our technical data for MIM here.

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Customer case

Customer case

Global pump manufacturer moved from plastic to metal due to a need for higher strength. MIM technology was able to handle this without changing the application...

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Rethinking Components of Tomorrow

Is it time to rethink the production processes and component design in your industry?

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