SMC Soft Magnetic Composites

At Sintex we develop and manufacture customised components in soft magnetic composites (SMC).

We ensure competitive products with good magnetic properties such as good relative permeability and high magnetic saturation combined with high electrical resistance.

The SMC material consists of very pure iron powder with a special surface coating on each and every particle. This electrically insulating surface ensures a high electrical resistance in the material even after compaction and heat treatment, which in turn means that the eddy current loss is almost negligible.

SMC is attractive in applications that require low losses, in particular at high frequencies because the benefits of SMC increase with the magnetic frequency. At frequencies exceeding approx. 200Hz, SMC exhibits lower loss than standard 0.5mm thick laminated iron plates. This has benefits in terms of the maximum power rating, running costs and the environment.


Examples of SMC applications:


SMC UK web

The isotropic magnetic properties of SMCs provide new opportunities compared with traditional laminated sheet metal, which only has good properties in two directions (and only in one direction in transformer sheet). SMCs are made of compressed powder, so it is possible to produce workpieces with complex geometries.

This means components can often be designed smaller, lighter and cheaper, also making integration with the surrounding system easier, as the number of geometric limitations is reduced. The complicated 3D geometries and alternative flux paths permit a high fill factor for copper windings.

Advantages of SMC:

  • Unique 3D magnetic and electrical properties
  • Possibility for compact designs through the use of 3D geometries
  • Efficient manufacturing process for high volume production.
  • Low total price and weight as a result of derived savings on other components and processes in the construction
  • Low iron loss at high frequency, which is why a switch to SMC in high frequency applications will save both money and help to protect the environment

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