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Magnets in systems...

Sintex magnets are used in our various magnetic systems, such as magnetic couplings, magnetic rotors and magnetic gears.

We often work with stainless steel encapsulation of magnets, such that our couplings, rotors or gears are able to operate in various media or separate two types of media (separator cans).
Encapsulation also leads to longer lifetimes, maintenance-free solutions and anticorrosion properties as required.

Read more about the various systems below.

Magnetic couplings

Magnetic couplings

Sintex develops and manufactures couplings based on the traditional method using magnets attached with adhesive, as well as our patented powder-based solution where we encapsulate powder.

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Magnetic gear

Magnetic gear

Our solution within magnetic gear units is still at the development stage, but has been designed to transfer torque in complex applications.

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Magnetic rotors

Magnetic rotors

Sintex’ magnetic rotors represent a high-quality solution with focus on high performance requirements. The rotors are 100 % enclosed, which offers a number of benefits.

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Technical data

Technical data

The technical data for Sintex magnetic technologies is constantly being expanded.

It currently covers the data for permanent magnets, SMCs and selected magnetic systems.

Explore a world of opportunities – a world of magnets.

View our technical data sheets here.

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