MG Gear

Magnetic gear

Our magnetic gear system is still at the development stage, but has been designed to transfer torque in complex applications.

The gear unit has been developed in the context of our existing product platforms, and builds on Sintex’ known materials and core process technologies. These are areas Sintex has worked with for many years.

We strive to continually increase the torque density and robustness of the gear unit. We are working with a range of design options, depending on whether the focus is on torque density, low noise applications, media separation or gear ratio.

As with our other magnetic systems, torque is transferred without contact, so there is no need for lubrication and no risk of friction that can cause wear. 

The totally sealed drives offer a number of advantages:
  • Torque is transferred without contact – no risk of breakdown
  • Long lifetime with minimal maintenance
  • No need for lubrication – no risk of friction
  • High efficiency
  • Can rotate in liquids and separate media
  • High-temperature solution
  • Reduction in noise

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