• Magnetic technologies

    Magnetic technologies

    Our magnetic technologies offer a world of possibilities.

    Our dedicated and highly motivated employees are experts in analysing application requirements and rethinking solutions. We exploit our technologies in new ways, to develop innovative solutions for our customers' applications.

Rethink your magnetic technologies in partnership with Sintex...

Sintex offers permanent magnets, SMCs (soft magnetic composites) and complete permanent magnetic systems such as magnetic couplings, magnetic rotors, magnetic gears, magnetic sensors, Halbach arrays and other magnet-based subcomponents.

We develop and work with eco-friendly and sustainable solutions, with a focus on moving from idea to production in a cost-effective way. With as few process steps as possible.

Magnets in systems

Magnets in systems

Sintex magnets are used in our various magnetic systems, such as magnetic couplings, magnetic rotors and magnetic gears.

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Ambitious specialists – looking at projects with new and innovative eyes

Draw inspiration from NTI Project Manager Mads Hjorth Andersen, who talks about Sintex magnetic technologies – how we work, and how we use the technologies in innovative new ways in our customers' applications.

Advantages of Sintex magnetic technologies…

  • Force is transferred without contact - No risk of breakdown

  • Long lifetime

  • Minimal or no maintenance

  • Coatings or encapsulation

  • High-temperature solutions

  • Design for production

Our dedicated employees rethink and design magnetic systems based on the precise application requirements.

Permanent magnets

Permanent magnets

We offer neodymium, ferrite and samarium cobalt magnets.

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SMC Soft Magnetic Composites

SMC Soft Magnetic Composites

At Sintex we develop and manufacture bespoke components in soft magnetic composites (SMC).

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Customer case

Customer case

Danish speaker manufacturer's focus on sound led to creation of a world-class loudspeaker solution. SMCs have never previously been used in speakers...

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Technical data

Technical data

The technical data for Sintex magnetic technologies is constantly being expanded.

It currently covers the data for permanent magnets, SMCs and selected magnetic systems.

Explore a world of opportunities – a world of magnets.

View our technical data sheets here.

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Rethinking Components of Tomorrow

Is it time to rethink the production processes and component design in your industry?

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