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    Innovation as culture

Innovation is a fundamental element of Sintex' business growth.
This applies to both existing and new technology areas – and products, materials and processes.

We are experts in rethinking and optimising solutions, making it easier to move from idea to production.
We always ensure that our ideas and the things we develop can be implemented as processes.
Our experience and expertise with powder technology also helps ensure an optimised solution.

We aim to ensure progress by contributing to technological quantum leaps, and we are always pleased to face a challenge.
We look forward to being put to the test with your technology – your dream.

How we work...

Sintex’ innovative approach is largely based on widespread knowledge-sharing, between disciplines within the company, and externally with our customers and partners.

Our dedicated and highly motivated employees are passionate about their work, and finding solutions together. We do not see ourselves as a traditional supplier. We want to be more than 'just' a supplier – we aim to be a partner, with open and close dialogue. Our experience has shown that close cooperation between development departments and extensive knowledge sharing leads to a better result.

We have our own patented technologies, but also work with joint patent applications with our customers and partners.

It is natural for us to apply our knowledge and skills to innovative and intelligent solutions in collaboration with our partners – and we strive to do this based on our values of dedication, trustworthiness, innovation and sustainability.


The Development Department runs development projects both in-house and for our cooperation partners. This applies to materials, designs and processes.

We have our own production facility in Denmark, which means that our production is closely tied to other functions in-house – including development. The Development Department of course draws on this experience, and our development processes are designed to make it easy to go from idea to production. In other words, we ensure that our ideas and developments can be put into the production process.

In addition to the development of concepts, ideas and actual prototypes for projects, the development department is also involved in patent investigations, patent applications, calculations, simulations, testing and measurements on high-tech equipment and not least the enhancement of our own materials and processes.

Our Development Department ensures that we renew ourselves on an ongoing basis. In this way we help to ensure that our partners are at the forefront of new technologies and manufacturing processes in their core business areas.


Comsol news 2018 Article (Page 16)

Comsol news 2018 Article (Page 16)

  • Monday, 01 January 2018
  • Comsol
  • Flemming Buus Bendixen
  • The multiphysics simulation magazine
  • USA
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    Sintered stainless steel

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    Metal Injection Moulding

    Metal Injection Moulding

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    Magnetic technologies

    Magnetic technologies

    Our magnetic technologies offer a world of possibilities. We exploit our technologies in new ways, to develop innovative solutions for our customers' applications.

    Surface treatment extends lifetime

    Surface treatment extends lifetime

    Surface treatment using thermal spraying is used for a range of applications – Everything from pumps and motor components to machine and tool parts, shafts, bearings and seals. The possibilities are endless.

    Rethinking Components of Tomorrow

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    Motors & pumps

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    energy sector


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