Surface treatment strengthens joins...

Surface treatment strengthens joins...

A wind turbine manufacture wanted lower friction in order to improve the join in their solutions. The desire for lower friction was fulfilled using surface treatment from Sintex...

Sintex has produced a wear resistant coating for the friction plates consisting of a wolfram carbide hard metal coating. 
The process is simple and has only a few steps. Heated metal powder is sprayed onto the component at extremely high speed and is then ground to a finish. The speed at which the powder is sprayed and the flame temperature are both very high, although the surface temperature of the component being sprayed never exceeds 100 degrees. This prevents structural changes in the underlying material, which is one of the disadvantages of other processes. The wolfram carbide coating process thereby has good adherence, but also ensures extreme hardness, good wearing properties and reduced friction.

The process is optimised for medium and large series, which makes Sintex and this technology partner a good match.
Surface treatment strengthens joins... Surface treatment strengthens joins... Surface treatment strengthens joins...
How has our technology partner benefitted from collaboration?

  • Strengthened solution
  • More wear-resistant solution
  • Extended lifetime in the joint
... and of course reduced friction as required.

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