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    Rethinking Components of Tomorrow

About Sintex

About Sintex

Sintex has existed since 1997 and we are experts within powder and sintering technology – Thus the name Sintex, which is an acronym for sinter experts.

The firm began its life as a spin-off from Grundfos A/S. The idea was to exploit the fact that the materials and processes that were developed at Grundfos could be applied in other industries. Six employees from a department at Grundfos thus make up the foundation of the 160 employees we are today.

Sintex is an independent limited liability company in the Grundfos group, which today has customers from many different industries and sectors.

Sintex culture and values

An innovative approach has become a core element of Sintex’ culture. We rethink products, design, processes and materials – whatever we find necessary. We aim to constantly innovate and create better, optimised solutions together. Our foundation for this is our dedicated employees, who work tirelessly to add value for our customers, our company and society around us.

Sustainability is a key element of our approach. This can take the form of our developers’ focus on re-using product materials, new and more eco-friendly materials, more efficient energy saving systems, improvement to existing production processes etc.

Definitions of our four values – sustainability, dedication, innovation and reliability – can be seen below.

  • Sintex mission

    We are based on high-tech, bespoken products within the field of powder-based solutions. Our core competencies are applied in collaboration with our customers to generate intelligent solutions.

    Innovation, technology maturation and production commissioning are based on widespread sharing of knowledge. Innovation within existing and new areas of technology is fundamental element of our business creation.

  • Sintex vision

    At Sintex we aim to be a competence centre in the Grundfos group with external customers.

    We wish to be pioneers within our focus areas of innovation, technology maturation and high-tech production.


Our values

  • Dedicated

    We are highly motivated and dedicated.
    Job satisfaction and openness are central in our daily work
    – collaboration with us has to be experienced.

  • Thrustworthy

    We keep our promises, and all our collaboration is based on openness and mutual trust.

  • Innovative

    We do more than think outside the box
    – we throw the box away.
    We rethink approaches and create opportunities.

  • Sustainable

    For us at Sintex, sustainability is about how we work in the smartest possible way with technology, culture and the environment today, without it having a negative impact on tomorrow.

Rethinking Components of Tomorrow

Is it time to rethink the production processes and component design in your industry?

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Motor & Pump

Motors & pumps

pharmaceutical industry


food industry

Food Industry

energy sector


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