Invitation to challenge our metallurgists.

Invitation to challenge our metallurgists.

18 Mai. 2021

When we talk about sustainability we are not only referring to the savings in CO2 emission. We also help our customers with high quality corrosion-resistant materials that extends product lifetime and thus reduce waste due to worn products.
For many years, Sintex has been known for high corrosion resistant stainless steel made with powder metallurgy. Now our metallurgists have pushed the level of corrosion even further with our latest product - PM Duplex 2507.
Typically, corrosion resistance is measured in salt spray chambers, but our new alloy is designed to survive harsh chemicals as well as corrosive seawater and brine, making a salt spray test inadequate. It is now possible to produce complex shaped components in duplex, thereby avoiding or reducing the need for machining, welding or costly post treatments.

If you have an application within marine, chemical industry or water treatment feel free to contact our technician Peter Kjeldsteen
 and challenge us with your specifications.

You can learn more about Sintex and our powder metallurgical stainless grades at the following link 
Sintex powder metal – stainless steel components from hi-tech company

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